Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Books That Don't Suck...

We've spent an entire year talking about our own books on this blog, but now, as we head into the holiday season, the Class of 2k8 wants to give you some suggestions for holiday books you aren't sick to death of.

Today, Laurel Snyder's pick:

Our holiday book of the day is a classic, Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins which was kindly sent to my kids by my friend Tamar, after I vented that I detest most of the holiday picture books on the market. She assured me Hershel would delight.

And he does!

The fabulous and Grinchy goblins that seek to ruin Hanukkah are outwitted by the clever Hershel. And readers barely notice that the book is actually a retelling (of sorts) of the Hanukkah/oil story . A testament to how a clever Jew, with a little faith and passion, and a sense of humor, (plus, perhaps a little help from beyond)can undo powerful enemies.

As a rule, I'm known to despise holiday books. They can be message-y and obvious. But this one is great!

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Barrie said...

Actually, I'm looking for a new holiday book this year. I think this one might just fit the bill! Thanks, Laurel.