Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thank you from Laurel...

Another thank you today, this one from Laurel Snyder, author of Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains...


Gosh, there have been so many amazing people I've met in the last year, people wish I could thank in a meaningful way. All the usual suspects--my agent Tina Wexler and my editor Mallory Loehr, as well as every librarian and bookseller I've come into contact with. Greg Call who did the illustrations, and Nicole de la Heras who designed the book, my publicist Elizabeth Daniel. Not to mention the wonderful editor who pulled me from slush, Lisa Findlay.

But the person I really want to thank today is Sherri Smith, at Park Road Books. (shown here, goofing off with Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson)

Sherri is one of those people who wears about 37 hats in the book world, and when she agreed to have me come and sign copies at her store, I had no idea how many of those hats I'd get to see her wear. But the thing that mattered the most to me is that without my asking, she set up my very first school visits, something I was petrified about. I had no idea where to begin!

Not only that, but then Sherri coached me through the experience. We spent the entire day together, and I felt no stress as I met hundreds of kids, interacted with teachers for the first time, and (YAY!) sold a ridiculous number of copies. All because Sherri is one of those people who goes beyond the call of duty, in the name of literacy and literature.

Not to mention that she didn't say a word about the fact that I was dragging around 2 rugrats and my mother.

So, THANK YOU, Sherri! You've totally set the bar for me, showed me how the right person can turn a job into a mission!

Wow! Sherri does sound amazing. Maybe the rest of us will get a chance to meet her too (hint hint).

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