Thursday, December 25, 2008

Last chat with Liz...

Today, we asked Liz Gallagher to tell us some things about her first year as a published author.

Liz, what was the most amazing thing that happened to you this year?

I was at one of the big conferences, super-excited to be with my Vermont College friends. My book wasn't out yet, but some of theirs were (Hi, Sarah Aronson, Class of 2k7!). A friend who shall remain nameless and I waited in the long signing line to get Markus Zusak to sign The Book Theif. We totally fan-girled out about how much we love the book (and, privately, how he's the hottie of YA lit!). That night, we went to a cocktail party. And guess who else was there? Yes, Markus Zusak. So, after being adoring fans, we realized -- wow! -- that we're authors too, now, and we get to go to the author parties!

And how about the thing that has been most frustrating (be honest)?

The most frustrating thing this year was learning how many books get passed up completely by the chain bookstores. Yay, IndieBound! I'm so thankful for their efforts to make readers aware of a range of choices -- both in places and ways to shop, and in books themselves.

Last question-- tell us about the thing that wouldn't have happened without 2k8?

Because of 2k8, I feel like I experienced twenty-seven first-time novel releases this year, not just my own. I got to commisserate with and learn from all of the other class members. I love that the class decided to propose conference panel discussions together -- without 2k8, I wouldn't have done as much public speaking as I did this year. I might've done one or two events, but I can guarantee I would've been way more stressed out and a lot less interesting without other 2k8 class members speaking along with me.

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