Monday, September 1, 2008

Welcome Jenny Meyerhoff!

This week, join the Class of 2k8 in welcoming the talented Jenny Meyerhoff, who is celebrating the release of her book, Third Grade Baby!

Polly Peterson knows that baby teeth are for babies like her little brother Max. And yet she’s the only kid in her third grade class who hasn’t lost a single one. Her best friends, Oliver and Amelia, try to make her feel better, but it’s hard to be cheerful when Zachary, the new boy at school, starts calling her babyteeth. As if that weren’t bad enough, Polly worries about what to do when she finally does lose a tooth. Can third graders leave teeth under their pillows? Or is the tooth fairy also just for babies?

Now read an excerpt!

Polly Peterson tightened her ponytail and skipped alongside her mother on the sidewalk in front of Barker Elementary School. School hadn't even started, and already there was a problem. Everywhere Polly looked, students were running, climbing, and waiting for the bell to ring, but she didn't see any parents. Since third graders used the upper elementary playground, Polly guessed they were supposed to walk to school by themselves.


Polly turned to her mom, who was pushing Max, Polly's baby brother in a stroller. Max chewed on his fingers, and a big glob of drool dripped from his mouth. Eew!

"We can say goodbye here, Mom," Polly said.

Polly's mom looked at the school and then back at Polly, as if she wasn't sure. Then she asked, "You'll be okay?"

Polly nodded. "I'll be fine." Then she wiggled her loose front tooth. It was on the bottom, right in front.

The bell rang, and the third graders lined up. Oliver Wu and Amelia Sanchez, Polly's two best friends, stood at the front of the line. Their parents were already on their way to work. Polly hoped no one could see that her mom had walked her to school.

Polly's mom leaned down. "Can I at least have a hug?"

Polly guessed a hug would be okay. She squeezed her mom goodbye. Then Polly's mom gave her a big kiss on the cheek. "Oops!" she said when she stood up. "I got lipstick on you. Just a second."

Polly's mom reached into Max's diaper bad and pulled out a baby wipe. A baby wipe! She grabbed Polly's chin. "Hold still."

Polly squirmed but she couldn't escape. Her mom cleaned her cheek with the wipe. Disgusting! Polly thought having a baby brother would make her parents treat her like a bigger kid, not like a toddler. She hoped no one had seen. She looked back at the playground. A tall, blond boy was staring at her, a fifth grader probably. Polly bet he thought she was a baby because her mom was wiping her face.

Huge Congrats, Jenny! What an accomplishment!

Tomorrow, we meet Jenny up close and personal as we continue to celebrate her debut week!


Ellen Booraem said...

Ooo, Jenny-can't wait to read this book! I already want to know who that blond kid is...


TJ Brown said...

YAY Jenny! I know kids who went through this and I can't wait to read it!

N.A. Nelson said...

I love stories about "late bloomers" as I was one myself. Congrats on your launch!


Lisa Schroeder said...

Congrats Jenny!!! Your book looks and sounds adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Polly, you poor sweetie...

Can't wait to read the book and find out if Polly gets what she wants. (hmmm...revenge from a baby wipe-toting Mom, maybe?)

Jenny Meyerhoff said...

Thanks everyone.
I can't believe my release date is almost here.
I so appreciate all the support. :)

Brenda said...

Love this excerpt, Jenny! It's been a long time since we read that in critique group, and it's just as funny and sweet as I remember. Hooray for your release date!

PJ Hoover said...

Your book is going to rick, Jenny! Congrats!

PJ Hoover said...

Of course I meant ROCK!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Congrats, Jenny. Can't wait to read it.