Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More About Nancy Viau!

Today, we get to know Nancy a little better! (Of course, after finding out she has rocks in her bathroom, we feel like we know her pretty well!)

2k8: So, where do you do most of your writing? What does it look like?

Nancy: As much as I’d love to be one of those cool writers who tote a laptop around town and write in interesting places, I’m not. I do my best writing at home, in my office. I like having access to my files, resource books, a huge desk, lots of floor space, and…um…food, coffee, wine, and the laundry room. This picture shows the neat side. The messy side is well...messy. Some days I have so much stuff spread all over that I can't get out the door.

Recently, I've discovered a cozy coffee shop, and found I can sit there for a bit. But the more pages I fill, the more my wallet empties. When did coffee get so expensive? When did I start having trouble sleeping at night?

2k8: Many writers claim they don’t sleep much. What keeps YOU awake?

Nancy: Aside from one or two mondo-jumbo, skinny mocha lattes, you mean? It’s this whole bit about how the worrying never ends. The italicized part below is what goes on in my head when I SHOULD be snoring away.

Month one: Oh, I have an agent—hurray! My work means something to somebody. How long will it be till my book sells? Will my book sell?)(!!@#? What’s my advance? What about that option clause?

The next three months: Ah ha! My agent has found a great publisher. This is my big break. Whoo hoo! I’ve accomplished my goal. I have Sold. A. Book. WHAT? Only A. Book? I’ve gotta write another. Right NOW. What should I write about? Should it be a sequel, a prequel. Heck, what I need is NyQuil.

The editorial letter arrives: I seriously need a manicure. I’ve chewed off all my nails doing this revision. Can I schedule one in between the kids’ band practice and the dance lessons? Who am I kidding? I don’t have time for this revision stuff. Plus, it’s too hard! Besides…what if my editor hates what I’ve done to my precious manuscript? Can I get fired? Will this book ever be published? SOMEthing is gonna go wrong. I just know it.

Final editorial letters come: Who needs to sleep? I am on a deadline here. The house is quiet. Too quiet. I can’t work with all this quiet! I am WIDE awake. What’s on TV? Is the Disney channel on at 2 AM? Would my book work as a Disney movie? Who would I cast in it? Will my book even end up as funny as it started?

Launch Day: Have I done ANYTHING right?

We think you have, Nancy! Samantha Hanson Has Rocks in Her Head...Rocks!


daphne grab said...

great interview, nancy! and it's true- the worrying just never ends

Anonymous said...

I think you've managed to put everything into words quite nicely, Nancy. That makes a great writer, right? :-)
Congratulations again on your launch. Sam is out there now. Can you believe it? She's gonna do great. I just know it!
Son read the book and do you know what he wants for his birthday? Rocks. No kidding (well, and a rock tumbler). :)

Anonymous said...

OOOh, my son had a rock tumbler! Those things are noisy! And it takes a while, too. Thing is...he never knew what to do with the rocks once they were tumbled. They were pretty, and well, he liked the unpolished/ugly ones better.


Lisa Schroeder said...

"What I need is Nyquil." Ha! You are so funny.

Happy launch week!

Joan said...

Love your by-the-numbers worry breakdown. So true!!!

Jimmy, Jennifer, Evelyn June and Arun Bradbury said...

This is all too familiar! Thanks for the candid humor.

And by the way, I'm pretty sure you did PLENTY of things right!

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I understand all those thoughts running through your mind--many of the same run through mine.

Congratulations on Sam!