Friday, September 12, 2008

Nancy gives us the answers...

So what's the truth and what's a lie, Nancy? SPILL!

There is a teacher in Samantha Hansen Has Rocks In Her Head named Mrs. Montemore. She promoted science in every aspect of her classroom, but most importantly, she turned a smart, awkward kid into the science-lover she is today.

That kid is my (now) 12 year-old, not-so-awkward daughter.

Every character name in my book is found in my real life, although their personalities have been changed to protect the innocent.

Someone once told me that if I included the names of people I knew, they would certainly buy the book to see how I twisted their personalities, and that's true! And this has been a huge, very fun part of my launch!

When I visited the canyon a few years ago, I found that the best part was the hike down Bright Angel Trail. I’ll never forget that—especially the look of surprise, awe, and exhaustion on my children’s faces when we reached the bottom. imagined those looks, folks. We only walked about 2 miles down the trail because it was November and we were freezing! We promised each other that someday we would go back, and this time we'd do exactly what Sam has done in the book--make it ALL the way to the bottom and camp.
One more question before we say good-bye, Nancy. What's the final amount for the Nat'l Park Foundation?

I added up all the comments from my week, including my own, rounded up, and the bottom line is that I'll be sending the Nat'l Park Foundation a check for 50 bucks. Thanks so much for helping me save the parks, everybody!
: )

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