Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Kiss Confessions and Book Trailer!

Today, Donna Freitas talks about first kisses and sainthood!

My protagonist, Antonia Lucia Labella is preoccupied with landing her first kiss (perhaps even more than sainthood). As anyone still in that never-been-kissed category or who remembers their first kiss knows—sometimes finding that right person and right moment for this important event can be challenging. It’s so challenging for Antonia that, after a near-disaster boy-encounter when Antonia “gets more action than she bargained for” as one reviewer put it, Antonia writes the Vatican proposing a special saint that might help smooth the process for girls (and boys) her age everywhere in similar predicaments:

Vatican Committee on Sainthood
Vatican City
Rome, Italy

To Whom It May Concern (ideally the Pope if he’s available):

I’m writing to inform you of a grave oversight in the area of patron saint specializations. As yet, there is no Patron Saint of the Kiss, and, to be more specific, the First Kiss! I ask you: how is this possible? Lord knows, it is virtually impossible to get yourself kissed in general without some heavenly intervention, and then before you know it, a little prayer here, a little prayer there, to saints who clearly are not trained in the art of kiss intercession, and suddenly you are in big trouble.

I implore you to realize that naming a Patron Saint of the First Kiss and Kissing is essential.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Antonia Lucia Labella

P.S. I humbly offer myself as the ideal candidate to not only become the Patron Saint of the First Kiss and Kissing, but the first ever living saint in Catholic history! Hope to hear from you soon!

What do you think of Antonia’s idea for sainthood? Think the Vatican would ever go for it? Do you agree with Antonia that a little divine intervention on the kissing front could be helpful? We hope you get what you want Antonia... on all counts!
Now check out the book trailer for The Possibilities of Sainthood!


daphne grab said...

i have to say i could've used a patron saint of first kisses and kissing when i was after my first kiss...

Kristin Tubb said...

What fun! Can't wait to read more, Donna!

Barrie said...

Amazing book trailer! Love the premise of the book.