Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nancy Viau Doesn't have Rocks in her Head!

Samantha Hansen May Have Rocks in Her Head, but Nancy Viau doesn't! Let's get to know this amazing author even better!
2k8: Imagine you have an offer from your dream press to publish your dream book, no matter how insane or unmarketable it might be (though of course it might *not* be). What story do you want to write next/someday and why?

Nancy: Is it weird to believe that I am already at my dream press? Abrams is made up of some very special people. From my editor who is lovely, quiet, and intelligent to the super-charged publicity director, and detailed oriented assistant managing editor, everyone has one thing in common—other than the fact they worked together on my book—they like each other, and it shows. I feel extremely fortunate. My dream would be to publish many books with them.

I have a ton of ideas for kids’ books, including picture books. I just love picture books. I’ll never outgrow them! Oh, and somewhere way back in my brain is a memoir floating around. Its working title is Bent Out of Shape and it’s both “insane” and (possibly) “unmarketable.” But...I’ll need to outlive plenty of relatives before I'm brave enough to put those thoughts on paper. And that’s all I’ll say about that!

2k8:What question won't most people know to ask you? What is your answer?
Do you wish you had begun a writing career sooner?

Nancy: And of course, the answer is YES…
and um…NO.

Yes, I wish I’d discovered my love of writing in college. I was one of those students who “aced” every writing assignment, no matter how large or small. I stayed up late “helping” the football team write research papers. (Shhhhh!) I also typed and edited reports for friends, and created fun stories for assignments for my elementary education major. Not once did anyone suggest I should look at writing as a career. Back then—at least in my little neck of the woods—women became teachers, nurses, or secretaries. My parents were simply thrilled that I was going college for I was the first in the family. So, I graduated, taught kids, had a few of my own, and did other things

No, not really. My best years and my best ideas come from the life I’ve lived. I wouldn’t trade those years for a second.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy -- I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

It's been great! Thanks, Court!

Keri Mikulski said...

waving to Nancy :)

Hey, fellow Jersey girl!!!! :) Great launch. Congrats. I'm going to bug you when we're doing a signing together soon to sign your amazing book for my two nieces, daughter, and me. I'm ordering four. Great stuff. Enjoy your week. :)

Anonymous said...


Hey there!! Thanks for stopping by.

I miss the shore.........


Barrie said...

Nancy, I'm enjoying getting to you know you better!

Marissa Doyle said...

I bet you'll do AWESOME school visits!

Congratulations, Nancy!!!