Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Brooke Taylor!

What better month to launch a debut novel than the hot hot month of July! And have we got a hot one for you! Please help us welcome Brooke Taylor and her novel Undone to the shelves!

Kori Kitzler is the “dark angel” of her high school: beautiful, mysterious, the subject of rumors. Serena Moore is just an average girl: unassuming, not sure exactly who she is or who she wants to be. But then a seemingly chance encounter ignites a friendship—allowing Kori to draw Serena into her world.

When the girls are given an assignment to list five things they would never dream could really happen—their five ways to tempt fate—Serena doesn’t take it very seriously. But then a tragedy leaves Serena shocked, alone, and in possession of Kori’s five secret impossible possibilities. Can Serena complete her best friend’s list, or will she leave Kori’s dreams Undone?

Brooke Taylor has woven a complex, thought-provoking story of fate, friendship, and the ultimate ties that bind you to the people you think you know best.

Brooke Taylor lives and writes from her country home in Oklahoma where her pets are a constant, but happy, distraction. She doesn't remember a time when she didn't have a book on her bedside table or an idea for a story in her head and she fully admits to getting a little giddy at the sight of a floor-to-ceiling bookcase. When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys horseback riding, going to the lake, and traveling.

“I started UNDONE intending to write a book about fate and what happens when you start living the life you’ve always envied. As the characters started opening up and coming to life, UNDONE became much more than just a careful-what-you-wish-for novel. It also became a novel about friendship, family, and the secrets we keep from the people we are closest to. And there’s nothing more fascinating than the need or desire to lead a secret life.”

Stayed tuned all week for more about Undone and Brooke Taylor!


Jessica Burkhart (Jess Ashley) said...

Yay, Brooke! I can't wait to read UNDONE! :)

Jimmy, Jennifer, Evelyn June and Arun Bradbury said...

Hooray, Brooke! I saw UNDONE face out on a B&N shelf this weekend in Seattle!

Enjoy your launch!

daphne grab said...

so glad it's finally out- i am so excited to read it!!

Sarah Prineas said...

Good luck, Brooke, to you and your book!

Anonymous said...

I am in the middle of reading Undone right now to review on my site, and I love it so far! Go Brooke! Can't wait to see what else is happening this week for her launch!

Marissa Doyle said...

Yay, Brooke! Happy Launch Week!

Anonymous said...

How I miss Colorado! Lived there for 5 years. I wonder if the Bear Tavern is still in Evergreen...

Can't wait to read your book and reminisce.