Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Saturday and we're shameless

Shameless Self-Promotion At Its Best.
Check us out!

Jennifer Bradbury:
What kind of a teen was she, anyway? Read the Cynsations interview to find out!

Daphne Grab:
Daphne is all over Estella’s Revenge! Just look at this review of Alive and Well in Prague, New York. And here's an interview, too!

Daphne was also guest author this past Thursday on Story Siren’s blog.

And she's on Bookluver , too. Bookluver calls Daphne’s novel an “amazing debut.”

P.J. Hoover:
Be sure and read a fine review of The Emerald Tablet on Trainspotting Reads.

Brooke Taylor:
Brooke has been busy getting ready for the launch of Undone. She’s been spotted doing interviews on Little Willow, and she’s Author of the Month at Harmony Book Reviews!

P.J. Hoover and Brooke Taylor:
Both these gals, and their awesome books, get lots of attention from Book Review Maniac.

Nancy Viau:
“I absolutely loved Samantha Hansen Has Rocks in Her Head,” says Story Siren. “The plot itself is not only charming but it is multi layered.”

And David Macinnis Gill (ALAN president) has this to say about Nancy’s book: “The perfect book for the tween science geek!”

Debbie Reed Fischer:
Debbie’s book, Braless in Wonderland, is also on Story Siren.
“This was an extraordinary novel!"

Jody Feldman:
The Gollywhopper Games is featured on YouTube! Click and listen to why Common Sense Media says Jody's book is a "another great choice" for readers this summer.

Teri Brown:
Read all about Teri (and find out about that tattoo!) on Sharon Pajka West’s blog.

And finally,
Kudos to Daphne Grab, Marissa Doyle, and Donna Freitas for their books! Alive and Well in Prague, New York, Bewitching Season,
and The Possibilities of Sainthood are all July Books at ALAN.
Check out the reviews!

Thanks for listening, and have a wonderful weekend, full of plenty of time to sit back, relax, and READ!

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