Thursday, July 17, 2008

Recommended Resources: Authors to Stalk

Stalk other authors? Who would do such a thing? We would!! And so should you! Here's a great list of authors we can't stop checking in with:

"Maureen Johnson’s blog is hysterical! Don’t read it while you are drinking unless you enjoy expelling liquid through your nostrils." Jenny Meyerhoff

"I love Debbi Michiko Florence's blog. She is so warm and honest and as an added perk gives great book recommendations!" Daphne Grab

"Meg Cabot is totally brilliant and would easily find work as a stand up comedian in an alternate universe." Brooke Taylor

"I don't know why I check Neil Gaiman's blog every day but I suspect I'm just deeply envious of anyone who can jet around, have a family life, and still write prolifically. He is entertaining on a variety of topics, from eyebrow waxing (not his) to progress reports on the latest book. And there are bees. " Ellen Booraem

"Tamora Pierce is not just a fantastic storyteller, she's a great role model for girls and young women. Check out her essay on how to write her a fan letter, and then show it to every girl in your life." Elizabeth C. Bunce

"On her blog, Lowry Updates, Lois Lowry posts on all sorts of topics from a small daily incident to an idea she's researching to answers of readers' questions. It's all very thoughtful and written with that certain Lowry twist. I love to stop by for a peek." Barrie Summy

Liz Gallagher take author stalking to a new level:

David Lubar "Mr. Lubar is just hilarious. His blog is pithy."

Cynthia Lord "One of the kindest authors on the planet, Cynthia Lord shares tidbits from writing and life, and her writing life."

Laurie Halse Anderson "Follow along as Laurie writes, runs long races, writes, introduces us to her family, writes, tells us about where she lives, and writes."

Mary Pearson "Mary is another great writer to live vicariously through, conference-wise. It's especially fun to read her journal lately, as great things are happening for her latest, THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX. Share in the celebration! "

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