Monday, July 14, 2008

Recommended Resources: KidLit Industry News

Grab your mouse and get ready to start clicking, because all week long the Class of 2K8 debut authors will be sharing their favorite Internet sites for everything from writing tips to industry news. We'll even be telling you which KidLit author blogs we love to stalk!

Today we're focusing on industry news!

"The Purple Crayon’s 'who’s moving where page' is a great place to find out about personnel changes at publishers. I like to check it out every couple of months or so." Jenny Meyerhoff

"I'm not sure it's news as much as feisty opinion with a touch of gossip, but I find myself checking Read Roger, the blog of Hornbook Editor in Chief Roger Sutton, at least every other day. Topics range from Why Adults Read YA Literature to What to Wear to the Newbery Awards. Always engaging and informative. " Ellen Booraem

"Jen Robinson finds all kinds of neat info and her blog is chatty and fun. AND I love the inside scoop Lila provides at Bookshelves of Doom, plus the sarcastic humor is right up my alley." Daphne Grab

"Cynthia Leitich-Smith's blog Cynsations amazes me--I don't think anything KidLit escapes her. I also love Seven Impossible Things and my new fave is Librarilly Blond for her great sarcastic humor mixed in with KidLit hot topics." Brooke Taylor

"The place I go for industry news, new books, and who's moving and buying in the industry is a well worn net mat: I like that they have a little of everything from books, to editors, to industry movers and shakers and all the latest on what's happening in the world of publishing worldwide." Stacy Nyikos

"Carol Hurst has news on kidlit, curriculum info, reviews, reading lists, and more." M. P. Barker.

"I can be very lazy, so I subscribe to several industry e-publications that come to me ... including Shelf Awareness (daily enlightenment for the book trade) ; PW Daily (and sign up for Children's Bookshelf as well), Publishers Lunch, and School Library Journal's Extra Helping (click the Newsletter link). Much of the info in these free daily newsletters may not directly pertain to me, but I learned in a previous job that it's important you know what's going on in your industry at large." Jody Feldman

Thunderchikin, aka David Macinnis Gill "David Macinnis Gill's first novel, Soul Enchilada, is coming out next winter, and it looks hilarious and wonderful. But that's not the main reason I read his blog. I read 'cause he's witty and succinct -- and because, as the president of ALAN, he's able to offer industry tidbits. He also introduces a great selection of YA books!" Liz Gallagher

"As If Authors raises awareness about book-banning and censorship. I'm always shocked every time I read what's in the news." Debbie Reed Fischer

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Deb Cushman said...

Thanks for the resource links! I found some gems that I hadn't heard of yet.