Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 3: A Tour of Undone

Welcome to Kismet, Colorado!
(fictitious home of Undone)

Kismet is a fictionalized mish-mash of cities in Colorado. One is Evergreen, Colorado, which is an upscale bedroom community just up the hill from Denver, much like Kismet is.
Here are some pics of the reservoir that Serena and Kori go to hang out.

This is beach where Kori skinny dips!

Many of the details that turn up in Kismet came from my years living in the mountains of Colorado. The extreme degrees of difference between the wealthy and the working class is very much a factor in most of Colorado’s mountain towns—you either live in a mansion of a log home or an apartment that hasn’t seen new carpet since the 1960’s. There is no in between.
Vail's once infamous Saab police car
And my favorite pizza place, Beau Jo’s, even makes an appearance. In RL, the original location is in Idaho Springs, Colorado. You must go if you ever are heading up I-70 on a ski trip.


The trip Serena took with Cole was to The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park made more famous by Stephen King’s The Shining. In the movie it is called the Overlook Hotel.

In real life,The Stanley Hotel is haunted.


Anonymous said...

I want that pizza!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I was just in Estes Park last weekend. You should check out my pics on Flickr! Can't wait to see you next week.