Friday, January 4, 2008

Linky Update!!!

Two more:

Word Lovers Unite! finds us worthy of mention.

Finding Wonderland appears to agree!

Double yip.


jocelyn said...

You guys are definitely worthy of mention! I've read one 2k8 book already, Lisa Schroeder's, and posted a review that might border on gushing--not one bad thing to say about it! I also started a reading challenge based on the Class of 2k8. Three participants (not including me) so far. So hopefully I'll be reading a lot of your books!
-Jocelyn (

jocelyn said...

Hmm. That link didn't post properly. I can't get it to. So I guess just go to the main page and click '2k8 Challenge' at the top if you're interested.

Laurel said...

Have we told you we love you, Jocelyn? WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!