Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Best Bookstores (Part 4)

So, we've got so many favorite bookstores, I'm spilling over into 2 posts a day, because THAT'S how much we authors love our booksellers!!

This afternoon, Barrie Summy , author of the super delightful middle-grade novel I So Don't Do Mysteries, is giving up the skinny on her favorite:

Have you ever visited THE YELLOW BOOK ROAD bookstore in San Diego? It’s an amazing, rocking, cool children’s bookstore.


Does it have thousands and thousands and thousands of great books? Yes.

And all kinds of fun teacher-ish supplies that’ll launch kids into a life filled with the love of reading? Yes.

Does it do great author signings? Yes.

Are there Friday and Saturday story times? Yes.

Is there a shelf of free ARCs? Yes.

Does it have a wonderful website where you can order scads of super stuff? Yes.

Does it have decent parking and a yummy chicken restaurant nearby? Yes.

And what else does it have that makes it the rockingest bookstore around?

The people who work there know EVERYTHING! Seriously. Every single store employee also works or has worked for the schools. The owners, Kristin and Mary? Two intrepid teachers!

And what do you get when put people with a ton of knowledge about kids and curriculum and teaching and books in a bookstore? People who know EVERYTHNG!

A shout-out (in alpha order) to the people who KNOW IT ALL: Alin, Anne, Beth, Budd, Janine, Kristin, Marci, Mary and Tamyka

We love the sound of this, almost as much as we LOVE a good chicken restaurant. Maybe tomorrow, Barrie will tell us more about THAT!


Gabriele Goldstone said...

Bookstores are cool and the best of all bookstores is McNally Robinson. They support local writers and they've got a great little restaurant and now they even have a store in NYC - and Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Calgary.

christine M said...

I wish we had a bookstore like that near us!

Family Adventure said...

I love bookstores...I wish I could go to yours. It sounds like everything a bookstore should be :)


Nancy Viau said...

I am so happy to find out about this bookstore!! Both my sons live in San Diego, and I can't wait to visit this place in person this year!!

And maybe, even you?!

Barrie said...

Hey Gabe! Always good to see you! I love the facts about Siberia you have up on your blog right now. :)

Barrie said...

christine m: I know, I know. We're lucky to have this bookstore locally. There's always the internet, but nothing really beats actually handling books and talking to people in the know. :)

Barrie said...

Hi Heidi: I wish you could go to ours too, but you are PRETTY far away. :)

Barrie said...

Nancy! How fun that you'll actually get to visit The Yellow Book Road! And maybe we will meet. :)

Mary said...

It sounds great! I LOVE people who know EVERYTHING!

My parents used to be like that, until they started to forget. ;)

Sandy Levin said...

It's great to hear that there's a wonderful bookstore in San Diego - but I'll tell you, the bookstores around me (and I won't name names) but they just don't add up to the fabulous independent bookstore two blocks from my house when I lived in Savoy, IL. The name is Pages For All Ages. It has the best children's section and the best romance section and the greatest author signings too. That's where I first met Nora Roberts and Jayne Anne Krentz. I'll have to pull out my Thomas Brother's map and find my way to the Yellow Book Road. Thanks Barrie!

Barrie said...

Mary--I think I only have one child who still thinks I know everything! Ha!

Sandy--The Yellow Book Road is in La Mesa. So, maybe next time you're doing a yoga class out that away... :)