Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Say Goodbye to Liz!!!

And in closing, a note from the amazing LIZ GALLAGHER! We're so glad to have had her here, to kick off this craaaaaazy year of fabulosity. And we assume you'll go buy her book!

Wow, it's been a great release week for me here on the Class of 2k8 blog! And those of you who have found us this week have sooooo much more to look forward to this year. My classmates are a talented bunch and I sure can't wait 'til the libraries and bookstores have ALL of our debuts available.

If you want to follow up with me and The Opposite of Invisible, I'm very available online. My website is; I keep a blog at livejournal;I'm on Facebook and MySpace,
My top four friends on MySpace are Alice, Jewel, Simon, and Vanessa from Opposite! They need some friends!

Please keep an eye on my web site events -- lots of fun stuff coming up!

And there's something ultra-cool going on for the rest of the month. Read on!

If you’re a teen reader, or you know one, then you gotta know about Teens&Random! It’s the new community site for readers of Random House YA books. I promise, I’m not just saying it’s cool because my book is featured for January (but I’d love it if you’d check that out!)

Here’s the deal.

You go to the site and sign up. Then you start doing fun stuff, like a photo contest. There are tons of activities, a media room, boards, and more.

The best part? For everything you do on the site – like answering polls and trivia questions – you earn points. And with those points? YOU BUY BOOKS!

You can also get free Advance Reader’s Copies of books before they’re released. It’s just cool.

See you over there. It’s where I’ll be hanging out all month, in addition to this Class of 2k8 blog!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with me this week. Your enthusiasm matters so much, and made this week one for the record books. I couldn’t be more appreciative, especially for the other members of the Class, who have been whopping and hollering all over the place for me and for Lisa Schroeder, whose awesome verse novel, I Heart You, You Haunt Me, came out this week, too. You’ll get to meet her in two weeks, and trust me that it’s something to look forward to! Extra special thanks to Laurel Snyder for being my “blog Mom.” It’s been fun!


The Class of 2k8 said...

Awwww shucks! You are so totally welcome!


Marissa Doyle said...

This was so much fun--thank you Liz, and thank you uber-Blog-mom Laurel!

TJ Brown said...

Congrats again Liz... this is a week you will never forget!

Lisa Schroeder said...

Liz, it's been so fun getting to know you better! I hope you had a fabulous release week. I'm excited to say your book is in at Powells, and I'll be stopping by this weekend to pick it up. YAY!

Now that you're done blogging here, can you get back to our scrabulous game please? ;)


Rosanne said...

Congratulations Liz on a beautiful book. I loved it. My kids loved it. We can't wait to hear about what you are working on next. Thanks for the tour of Fremont. My big sister and I used to hang out there when she was in college!

Beautiful website 2K8 You gals are an inspiration!

Rosanne Parry
Co-president, Class of 2K9

Deb Cushman said...

Can't wait to read The Opposite of Invisible! It was great to visit Seattle again (I live in Washington State and get to Seattle about once a year.) Will surely look up those spots mentioned next time.
Best of Luck!