Thursday, August 28, 2008

Two Truths and a Lie—The Bookish Version

We’ve been making Laurel Snyder work pretty hard this week, while we’re celebrating the debut of her novel, Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains. So now, on Day Four, she turns the tables. Take it away, Laurel…

Okay, so my family is WEIRD! Kind of a "truth is stranger than fiction" story. But I'll go ahead and send a signed copy of my book to the commenter who can not only guess which of these is a lie, but point out what part of the story makes it untruthful! (I'm such an internet blabbermouth, the true story is probably online somewhere already, but good luck digging through my yammerings!)

1. When I was a kid I was obsessed wit the book Masquerade, and so I wrote, hand-printed (that was before computers) and bound (in wallpaper) my own book, called Classroom Masquerade. Then I talked my teacher into devoting a day to having the class untangle the clues, so that some lucky person could find an old broken gold(ish) watch that I'd found in a sewer.

2. My father made me read The Rights of Man before I graduated from high school.

3. When I was in middle school, I was in LOVE with Laurie from Little Women . Every night before bed, I opened my copy—the old one with the color plates—and stared at the picture of Jo breaking his heart. I’d stare at him with his head in his arms, kind of leaning over a fence post, and I'd cry. Every night.

Guess away, everybody! Tomorrow, Laurel concludes her week by sharing with us the ten books she re-reads most often.


PJ Hoover said...

OK, I'll go with Number 2 - and it's untrue because he made you read it before graduating junior high.
(I have no idea in case you're curious).

Anonymous said...


So excited for you this week! And that Kirkus Review makes me want to dig in and read the book as soon as I get my copy. I agree with PJ about #2 mostly because I love the other two stories! Zu

Anonymous said...


Laurel said...

You are so awesome for digging up that old picture! I almost choked up when I clicked on the blog this morning!

Poor Laurie!

Diana Black said...

Hey, Laurel. So much good stuff happening for you right now. How exciting!

I'll go with #1 because, through careful investigation, I see one else has!


Barrie said...

I'll go with number 3 because I don't think Laurie is your type at all. He's far too wimpy for you. ;)

And I'll link to this contest as soon as I get a post up today. :)

Heather Kolich said...

Hi, Laurel. Congratulations on your new book. I've been following the thread of announcements on the Southern Breeze listserve.

I think I have the answer to your Two Truths and a Lie - but first, let me thank you. I finally started a blog, just so I could post to yours.

I think the lie is #1. In your website, you describe making books, similar to those in your question, in elementary school with your friend Susan. You say this was around 4th grade, before computers. You also say that today, you would be in 28th grade, which would make you 34 years old. You would have been in 4th grade around 1985-86. Computers were around by then, so I believe that #1 is the lie.

I'm looking forward to reading your book!

Heather Kolich

gomomyourock said...

I think #1 because no teacher would allow for day to be spent on such a delightful task.

Looking forward to your books.