Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2: Getting to Know Terri

Today we're talking to Terri and learning a little more about SLEEPLESS.

2K8: Where do you do most of your writing, Terri?

TC: I write at home, usually in one of three places—my desk, the dining table or my bedroom. I have a pre-teen and teen in my house and both are computer hogs so I have to fight to get on either the desktop or laptop. My son and his friends are usually taking up two of the computers playing World of Warcraft. We finally buckled down this week and bought another desktop so the laptop could be mine, all mine!


2K8: How’d SLEEPLESS come to be? What inspired the idea?

TC: I’ve always been fascinated with dreams. I think they’re revealing and powerful. Sometimes they’re just nonsensical stories our brain makes up, but sometimes they’re much more. Then you add the old wives tale into the mix and things get really hairy. Will you die in real life if you die in your dreams? That’s a question I wanted to play with.

When I first started doing research for SLEEPLESS a series of articles ran in the Denver Post about dangerous criminals who pretended insanity so they could get locked up in a mental hospital instead of jail. I was horrified and found myself wondering what would happen if the bad guys got more than they bargained for in the hospital. Maybe it wasn’t Easy Street like they imagined. I researched inhumane mental health “cures” from history and that was just the twist I needed to give birth to my villain.

2K8: We hear your sale story is a little out of the ordinary. What happened?

TC: My agent, at the time, was shopping a paranormal series around for me. I’d written book one and a partial on book two. While we waited for feedback I started to write a new proposal for this gritty idea I had. I mentioned it in passing to my agent. It was a lot darker than the more comedic series we were sending out. She happened to hear that Harper was looking for edgy work and asked how fast I could finish the proposal. I ended up writing the synopsis at a conference and emailing it to her with the chapters. She loved it and sent it on. They asked for some rewrites, which I did right away and I ended up selling on proposal six days before Christmas.

2K8: Did anything surprise you or catch you off guard when you were writing this thriller?

TC: I discovered I’m really able to take an idea and run with it, but still keep it my own. I had a lot of editorial input on SLEEPLESS and I was proud of the way I could take their suggestions and strengthen the story without compromising my vision.

2K8: Imagine you have an offer from your dream press to publish your dream book, no matter how insane or unmarketable it might be (though of course it might not be). What story would you want to write and why?

TC: My big dream is to write a successful paranormal series. I’m a HUGE fan of series. I love revisiting characters, seeing them grow and sharing more time with them. I want my own series!

2K8: What question won't most people know to ask you? And what's your answer?

TC: Do you collect anything? Yes! I collect fairies. I love them. My two favorite artists are Amy Brown and Jasmine Becket-Griffith. I also love Tinkerbell, especially the Goth Tinkerbell. I have fairy prints hanging over my desk (see above), statues, pins, jewelry, stickers, shirts, basically anything I can find. I do believe in fairies. I do, I do.

Come back tomorrow when we'll take a closer look at dreams and what terrorizes Terri in the night when she's stressed out.


Anonymous said...

Terri, your desk is so neat and organized! I can't wait to read SLEEPLESS and your future paranormal series'. And that goth Tinkerbell is the coolest! Congrats on your launch! :) debbie

Anonymous said...

Great interview!! Very fun to read and informative. :) Nice pics too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Deb. I do keep the desk pretty neat, but there's a reason why I didn't take a pic of the dining room table. ;)

Unknown said...

Your desk shames me, Terri. Not that we didn't know that, but still!

I didn't know there was a goth Tinkerbell! I found some checks you need to order (you know, checks are those paper things we used before EFT, debit, and credit cards). Anyway, the style is called "gothlings," and they have these cute little goth girls on them. I thought of you immediately when I saw them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, James. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Come back tomorrow to share your dreams. :)

Chelsea said...

Ooh. Sleepless sounds so amazing. And this was a great, fun interview!


Jimmy, Jennifer, Evelyn June and Arun Bradbury said...

Great interview! Can't wait to read SLEEPLESS!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, those Gothling checks are Jasmine Beckett Griffith. I'd love them, but my hubby wouldn't. LOL. And Goth Tink isn't Disney official. I think she was born on Deviantart.com.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chelsea! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. I was in B&N today and saw a bunch of SHIFTs on the top shelf of their face out NEW display in teens.

Anonymous said...

Great interview, Terri, and congrats on SLEEPLESS! I can't wait to read it!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh! You must be so excited...counting down to September...

Can't wait to get my hands on SLEEPLESS!!

Rock on, Terri!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Courtney. I just saw your awesome review on TeensReadToo. Congrats on the gold star!

Anonymous said...

Julie! Thanks so much for stopping by. You're the best.

Barrie said...

I can totally relate to having kids on the computer! I finally got my own laptop and it's great!!!

Anonymous said...

Barrie, no one touches the lap top anymore. Well, almost never. It was so worth it! Congrats on your new computer. :)