Thursday, August 14, 2008

SCBWI Highlights from 2K9er

We are excited to present some SCBWI conference highlights from 2K9er Kathryn Fitzmaurice! Welcome to the blog, Kathryn!

"I went to the LA SCBWI last week. Of course, it is always an amazing event to be surrounded by so many other writers and professionals. The highlights of my trip were:

1. Hearing Susan Patron speak at the end of the conference about her experiences this year as the Newbery Winner.

2. Meeting with five other 2k9 classmates for lunch in the hotel on Saturday! This was the first time we had met in person, and had only corresponded online before, so you can imagine how great it was to finally put a name to a face. One gal, Fran, decided to come after she saw how many of us were going to be there. She made last minute plans, and we couldn't have been more thrilled.

3. Meeting my editor for the first time. She is Brenda Bowen from the Bowen Press, and she was fabulous. Of course, I went to hear her speak, and was so completely surprised when she called me up to talk to the crowd about the "Editorial Process" between an editor and a first time author. I was so excited, and nervous, but I wouldn't have missed it.

4. Sitting at the Golden Kite Luncheon and listening to the winner's speeches. In particular, Yuyi Morales, was very very inspiring and she even put together a little video about the joy she felt when she learned she won!"

Thanks Kathryn! Stay tuned for more SCBWI conference news from our very own Jody Feldman!


Jody Feldman said...

That was you, Kathryn? You were great. I went to Brenda's session because I'd met Molly O'Neill at an SCBWI event in Florida, and she got me excited about their new list.

Congratulations, and thanks for throwing a little blog action our way.

Anonymous said...

Fun to hear from one of next year's debut authors!! :)