Saturday, August 23, 2008

Shameless Saturday

It's the weekend and for many of us that means school finally starts on Monday. Yahoo! In addition to celebrating our kids return to school we have a lot of good news to party over.

"Young Adult (and Kids Books) Central thinks that Samantha is "lovable and full of the kind of spirit that makes for a lasting character. Nancy Viau weaves in seamless science lessons, sure to slide by young readers as casual plot, until they pop up and help them during science tests." Check out the rest of this rockin' review of SAMANTHA HANSEN HAS ROCKS IN HER HEAD.

And Book Review Maniac and Jessica Burkhart have been busy interviewing Nancy. Visit their blogs to read some fun facts about her writing life.

M.P. Barker's A DIFFICULT BOY (which inspired by her experiencestime-traveling back to the 1830s as a historical interpreter at Old Sturbridge Village) will be featured in the fall issue of the museum's Old Sturbridge Village Visitor magazine--with three great photos of Michele in costume!

Daphne Grab's ALIVE AND WELL IN PRAGUE, NEW YORK got a review from the lovely Liv of Liv's Book Reviews who says, "I'd definitely recommend this book to everyone. It is sure to warm your heart and leave you wanting to read more of Daphne Grab's smooth and clear writing." You can read more here.

Ellen Booraem found out this week that THE UNNAMEABLES will have a big fat star next to its name in the September 1 issue of Kirkus Reviews. Kirkus described Ellen's middle-grade fantasy as "an ever-surprising, genre-defying page-turner," and cited realistic characters who "deal with philosophical problems in vivid, flowing prose that is evocative and often funny."

Terri Clark is the Awesome Author on Tasha's AndAnotherBookRead blog. Check out her interview and watch for Tasha's review of SLEEPLESS.

Wowzer! Congrats to all our classmates. Please come back on Monday when we'll introduce you to MG author, Laurel Snyder. It's her launch week and you don't want to miss it!

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