Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Say Conference, Regina Says Party!

"Okay, you can ask anyone: I am so not a party person. So why is it that one of the things I love to do at the Romance Writers of America annual conference is party? The conference doesn’t even start officially until Thursday morning, but Wednesday evening you can find me at the Beau Monde Soiree. The Beau Monde is the chapter for those who write stories set in the Regency period of England. We play period card game and gamble using chocolate coins, engage in witty conversation, and dance period dances. It’s a fantastic way to meet people and have some fun before the workshops and other events happen.

Friday night is the night when publishers have traditionally thanked their authors with cocktail parties or dinners. The most talked about party every year, though, is the party that Harlequin throws for its authors. I’ve never had the privilege of writing for them, but this year a friend who writes for them invited me to tag along. Wow! I can see why people love it! Picture a massive ballroom, lavishly decorated, free food, free drinks, a chocolate fountain bubbling in one corner, and 200 women and 2 men (lucky husbands) dancing to “We Are Family.”

Maybe that’s why I love the parties. It’s a chance to be with like-minded people, celebrating our passion for writing. We are family!"

Regina Scott (aka Sir Reginold Scott)


daphne grab said...

Regina, that sounds so fun!

Anonymous said...

Fun take on RWA!! :)