Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Totally Important Post!

People out and about have been talking about 2k8 classmates! And here's what they're saying...

Brooke Taylor’s Undone is a Top Choice at Flamingnet Book Reviews!

Click on the graphic to read the review:
Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book: UNDONE by Brooke Taylor

Daphne Grab's Alive and Well in Prague, New York received a terrific review at Teens Read Too.

And Kirkus First Fiction Special Issue said wonderful things about M.P. Barker's A Difficult Boy. Here's the abridged version:

"What was the life of an indentured servant but that of a slave? M.P. Barker brings it ringingly, cringingly to life. ..A Difficult Boy hinges on the efforts of two boys—one social, one circumstantially remote, soon to be friends—to escape their brutalized existence. ..Then there is Ivy, a horse that bonds the boys and provides their ticket out.

Couture's Fashionable Reads gave a great review of Regina Scott's La Petite Four.

Last, but not least, Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Review has a very nice write up on us!

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