Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 5: Zu Vincent: The Future

"Plotting my next move." (Zu Vincent)

2k8: So, Zu, what do you think happens to Cassie and her mom as Cassie gets older?

Zu Vincent: I know what happens; I’ve already written the companion book. The Lucky Place ends when Cassie is twelve and the next novel picks up there and takes her through age eighteen. In writing about this family, it turned out that The Lucky Place is more a story about a father and daughter, but the new story centers around a mother and daughter. Cassie’s mother, Belle, really goes off the deep in my next novel. So does her brother Jamie. The sixties hit with a vengence and all hell breaks lose. It’s a pretty wild ride.

2k8: What’s the most satisfying part of the writer’s life?

Zu Vincent: Doing what I love and having so many wonderful friends who do the same thing to share it with.

2k8: What are you writing now?

Zu Vincent: I’m completing what might be called a literary mystery about a kidnapped boy and a senile old lady who hopes to save him. Its subtext is the perils of old age—a time in our lives which oddly enough has a real parallel to adolescence, the time of life Cassie is just entering in The Lucky Place.

So, interested in reading a chapter of The Lucky Place?
Click here. Hint: You need to register first, then click on "Library."

And check out Teen Libris where Zu has an essay, "Mind the Gap", in the anthology Through the Wardrobe.

We're honored, Zu, to have been a part of your exciting launch week! We'll be following your bright, bright literary future!

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daphne grab said...

Zu, i'm so excited there's a companion book to THE LUCKY PLACE! what a great thing to have to look forward to!