Friday, April 25, 2008

Aurevoir Debbie Reed Fischer!

2k8: This is the last day of Debbie Reed Fischer's launch week. And, after a small amount of arm twisting, she's agreed to dish up the dirt on her personal brush with modeling. We appreciate her candor!

So, Debbie, did you ever do any modeling yourself?

Debbie Reed Fischer: Never! Although I did have a sexy pout when I was a baby. However, the elephantine proportion of my giant bobble head to the rest of my body may have prevented a modeling career.

2k8: Yowzer, Deb!

Debbie Reed Fischer: (grin) Later, I could've been a hair model. My hair was so perfectly feathered, the back of my head looked like a tush.

Next, I modeled western wear. Note that I was way ahead of my time wi the waiste-under-the-armpits look. Everyone thinks Apoo from the Simpsons popularized that fashion, but as you can see, it was me.

2k8: In the modeling world, fashion obviously plays a big part. Has fashion payed a big part in your life?

Debbie Reed Fischer: Nowadays, my uniform is a tank top, jeans and flip flops. When I was growing up, though, I used clothes to sort of figure out my identity. Sadly, I have the photos to prove it.

2k8: (chanting) Where? Where? Where? Come on. Debbie, you promised.

Debbie Reed Fischer: (sighing) Fine. Here are photos of my deranged fashion experiment of the 80s. Uh, for the first pic, please lean back from your monitor. The image may cause blindness due to the glare of hella-big rhinestones.

Beware the bedazzler gone mad. What was I thinking with that flashing booger-green rhinestone in the middle of my shirt? Was I signaling the mother ship? Guiding boats into the harbor? And, personally, I don't think I have enough accessories. I could have used another sequined headband or two to complement those disco pirate hoops.

Look, everyone! It's a mullet AND a Chanuka bush. Happy Holidays!

I really think this look should come back, don't you? Thighs look so attractive all shrink-wrapped in white spandex. And I especially love the yellow stocking ankle socks. Beyond sexy.

Now, we've come to the take-me-seriously-because-I'm-a-film-maker-and-screenwriter-and-suffering-poet look. I must dye my hair black, refuse to comb it and wear a black leather jacket every day. (With nine layers of shoulder pads and a string of pearls. Natch.)

Okay, I'll spare you the Sally-Jesse-raphael-red-glasses phase and the surfer-with-woven-tunics phase. So, I had a bit of an identity crisis for a few years, probably resulting from moving every two years and having to reinvent myself at every new school I attended. Is it any wonder I'm a writer?

2k8: No, Debbie, it's no surprise you're a writer. And after reading Braless in Wonderland, we're so glad you took some of that fashion-statement energy and fueled it into writing. :) Thank you for a great week on the blog!

Hey, peeps, don't be sad. Don't be glum. Even though Debbie's launch week is over, you can find her all over the place online and off. Check out the following:

Debbie will be the deubt author in Alice Pope's upcoming newsletter CWIM blog.

And you can catch Debbie next week on K.L. Going's forum.

She'll be the featured guest author on Dutton Writers Room soon.

On May 1st, Debbie'll be appearing on her NBC affiliate on a program called South Florida Today!!

Click on Debbie's website for signing dates. She's part of a Trio of Tropical Reads tour with fellow young adult authors Dorian Cirrone and Gaby Triana.

Also, stop by Debbie's blog and her myspace for contests and givewaways.


Barrie said...

Very funny post! I've enjoyed the week!

Anonymous said...

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing so much with us, Debbie!
Those pictures are hysterical, and I really enjoyed learning more about your book this week. :)

PJ Hoover said...

Priceless pictures!

Erin said...

:) I really enjoyed Debbie's week!

Jenny Meyerhoff said...

Debbie, you have to be the best sport in the whole world. Those pics were hysterical.
And of course your sense of humor infuses Braless. Such a fun read!

Jody Feldman said...

What a great week, Debbie! Model-perfect!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Love the pics! :)

Anonymous said...

Those pictures were awesome!

Nancy Viau said...

Deb, you crack me up.
Great launch!