Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Jody's Ideas Erupt

Before we start on Jody today, we have some awesome newsy items to announce. Darcy Patterson, teacher, writer and reader extraordinaire, has begun a year-long series on us, the Class of 2k8! (We heart us some Darcy!) She begins, appropriately enough, with Jody Feldman! Also featured last Friday in Book Muncher, was a great review of Bewitching Season by our own Marissa Doyle.
Remember, yesterday Jody told you about:
1. Her habit of studying, reading and writing with background noise;
2. Her first experience at sleep-away camp; and,
3.The reason she strives for strong endings.

Which two were true and which was the lie?

Truth is, Jody turned down her chance to go to sleep-away camp because, at that time, she was more afraid of walking in without a friend than the thought of finding a snake in her cabin.

Today is the last day of Jody Feldman’s debut party. It’s been a wonderful week and 2k8 wishes her book, The Gollywhopper Games enormous success. We leave you with a clear image of where Jody does her writing.

Jody: I don’t work at Starbuck’s ... strong coffee smells give me a headache. I have been known, on rare occasions to pick myself up and write while I eat at St. Louis Bread Co. (which most of you know as Panera). Most of my writing, however, happens at home.

It would be easiest to say that all my writing gets done here, at my desk (my brand new computer!). Then this blog would be over and you could go about your business. And I could live a neat, orderly life. But I just can’t turn off the idea machine. And I need to pay immediate attention to those voices which often appear out of nowhere.

So backs of envelopes and old Post-Its are popular in my car. (Yes, I wait until the light turns red.)

On many occasions, I’ve written on the bottom of Kleenex or Puffs boxes when I’m in bed.

This is my editing spot. The old, green, comfy couch in the den.

And here, at the side of my house, I wrote huge chunks of The Gollywhopper Games on a pad of paper much like this. Or maybe it was earlier sheets of this pad. I don’t remember, and I’m sad to say I didn’t save them.

Where do work? Where do you write? Where do ideas erupt for you?


Lisa Schroeder said...

Ideas often come to me in the shower. They need to invent water proof pads of paper to keep in there! :)

TJBrown said...

My ideas come to me all over the place. I have started writing at cafes and love it:)

Marissa Doyle said...

Oh man, Jody--that desk is waaaaay too clean.

I'm with you on the waterproof pads of paper in the shower, Lisa!

Jody Feldman said...

I'm a shower-thinker, too, Lisa.

As for my desk ... well, let's just say I didn't photograph the floor behind me where I'd put all the stuff that was on the desk just minutes before. But we'll keep that our little secret.

Amy Addison said...

Most of my ideas come as I'm drifting off to sleep or driving...two places where I can't write them down! I find saying them aloud (especially in the car since my kids are there) helps me remember them for later when I can write them down.

Most of my writing is done at my desk or at the kids' gymnastics (hey, I'm there 5.5 hours, four days a week...I've got to do something!). I haul my laptop with me everywhere. And I have a Palm Treo I use to keep notes on when I'm out and about. Since it's my phone, it's always with me, & I never have to worry about struggling for a pen and paper, and I can even record little memos to myself if I need to. I've even been known to call the house and leave an idea on the answering machine.

For working at home, though, I use a 12x18 artist's/drawing pad for initially sketching out the story through-lines, and index cards. I love index cards.

M.P. Barker said...

Waterproof paper? Here it is!


Anonymous said...

Jody, I just started the book last night -- what a great read!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I knew it was #2. Garter snakes aren't green.

Barrie said...

Jody, if you ever come to my house, you are NEVER seeing my desk! :)