Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If My Book Were a Movie...

We have some Totally Important Posts to go over before we get back to this week's topic.

Jennifer Bradbury got a wonderful review from Greg Leitich Smith (author and reviewer) for her book, Shift. Yay, JEN! And Daphne Grab got a steller review over at Ticket To Anywhere, for her book, Alive and Well in Prague, New York. Go Daphne!

Now back to our regularly scheduled topic: If My Book Were a Movie!

First off, check out Ellen Booraem’s, author of, The Unnameables, cast of characters.

Ellen: When I started writing The Unnameables, I envisioned the Goatman (the chaotic, smelly fellow who gets my lead character, Medford, into trouble) as Peter O’Toole of “Lawrence of Arabia” vintage. I guess the modern Peter O’Toole would be pretty good, too. The Goatman is young by his people’s standards, but he’s bald and graying and would benefit from any actor capable of conveying that he’s just barely in control. Al Pacino? David Tennant? It would have to be someone with strong vocal chords, since the Goatman says “bweh-eh-eh” a lot. Fun to read aloud but hard on the larynx.

(We can see Peter O’Toole as the Goatman too!)

I could see Kevin Spacey as Boyce, Medford’s mild-mannered foster father.

For the villain, Deemer Learned, I’d envision Pete Postlethwaite or Patrick Malahide

As for the kids—Medford, his friend, Prudy, and her brother, Earnest—I have to say I’m nearly stumped. Johnny Depp would have made a great Medford in his early days. Rupert Grint would make a good Earnest, I guess. And Abigail Breslin could do Prudy in a few years—but I think that girl could play anything. She would have to bleach her eyelashes.

Daphne Grab, author of, Alive and Well in Prague, New York, gets excited just thinking of her book being made into a movie.

Daphne: I can’t imagine anything more fun than my book getting made into a movie! I think it would be so incredible to see my characters, the ones living in my head for so long, alive on the screen. Little things like seeing the name of the high school out front of an actual high school would just be surreal. And most fun is to imagine the actors who would play the parts! When I picture Matisse I imagine someone like Rachel McAdams, someone who I think is spunky and smart and has real depth, plus the ability to speak up for herself, which Matisse has no problem doing.

For her dad I picture Harrison Ford or maybe Phillip Seymour Hoffman with some aging make up. Though truth be told, that may be because I’d love to get to meet Harrison Ford or Phillip Seymour Hoffman— talk about fun!

We think it would be fun, too!

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Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Harrison Ford. Can't wait for the new Indiana Jones movie to come out. Doesn't that man age??????