Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today we have more 2k8 authors dreaming about that glamorous red carpet Hollywood premier. First, Teri Brown, author of, Read My Lips, dreams about the stars for her book.

Teri: I think the movie’s already playing in my mind and I have very definite ideas about who’s playing which character. For Serena, the main character, who is also deaf, I can see Keisha Castle-Hughes bringing a great deal of strength and sensitivity to the role.

Hayden Panettiere is perfect for Patrice, the self-involved leader of the sorority. She has the right combination of sassiness and self assertiveness.

For Miller, my dark intelligent hero, I would have to choose, Milo Ventimiglia from his Gilmore Girls days, because… yum.

Barrie Summy, author of, I So Don’t Do Mysteries, has kept her movie dreams a family affair.

Barrie: My kids are lined up at the kitchen counter, munching on their afternoon snack. I mention the Class of 2k8’s upcoming blog on movie roles for our books.

Child #4 (Daughter, aged 7 years) has the most suggestions. Even more than me, so we’re letting her run the show. (pun intended)

First off, she’d like a starring role. As in the starring role. She does have the shoes for it.

So, Child #4 will play Sherry Baldwin, 13 year-old reluctant detective.

Our diva is willing to work with Mylie Cyris of Hannah Montana fame. If Mylie agrees to a more minor role and puts on a little weight. Presumably, makeup can manufacture a face full of freckles. So, Mylie Cyrus for Junie the Best Friend.

Next up is Drake Bell of Drake & Josh who will play Josh Morton, Sherry’s boyfriend.

Child #4 vaguely remembers Lindsey Lohan from Freaky Friday and awards her the part of Amber, older bossy cousin with a driver’s license. And while we’re doing the Freaky Friday thing, let’s snag Jamie Lee Curtis for the stepmother aka The Ruler.

Now, (drum roll and bright lights, please), we’re thrilled to intro to the silver screen the extremely talented, extremely fun, extremely persuasive Mr. Cameron Williams. This guy is so good he can easily handle all the adult male roles: a mean ostrich farmer, a heavily-accented French chef, a cute zoo security guard, and a dorky dad. Go Mr. Williams! (You know you want to see who this guy is. Go ahead and click.) CLICK HERE.

P.S. No matter how much Child #4 wheedles and whines and stamps her cute little high-heeled feet, there is no room for Sponge Bob in the movie I So Don’t Do Mysteries!


Amy Addison said...

This has been great fun! I love seeing who the authors would cast in their movies.

Katie said...

child number four is my pick too! haha but interesting choices, I can't wait to read this!

Barrie said...

Katie, I will pass your comment onto child #4. :)

gabe said...

What a laugh!
Great entertainment.

daphne grab said...

terri, having just finished your awesome book i have to say i love those choices! all great fits.

and barrie, i am ready to join child #4's fan club!

Sandy Levin said...

I never pictured Junie in heels. I vote Mr. Williams for the role of Sherry's dad :-)