Monday, March 10, 2008

If My Book Were a Movie...

Most writers dream of that big movie deal, even given the warnings from other writers that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Unless you are Stephen King, you don’t get to write the script yourself, you don’t get a say in who plays your characters and you don’t get to watch it being filmed.

But that doesn’t stop us from dreaming! All this week, 2k8 authors are going to be telling you who they would want to play their characters if their book were a movie. First up, is Nancy Viau, author of Samantha Hanson Has Rocks In Her Head.

Nancy: Oooh, this if fun, but I don’t watch enough movies to be good at this! (Well, I do, actually; I just don’t remember the actors’ names…*runs off to do online research because it’s a fun time-waster*)

For my main character, Samantha, I like Miranda Cosgrove from Drake and Josh, but she’s a bit older than my main character. Can I ask for a great make-up artist that will make her look much younger? And Abigail Breslin, the star of Little Miss Sunshine, would also “rock” as my little scientist. She’d have to dye her lovely hair brown, though. Or, how about Marlene Lawston? She was on Flight Plan. She has a mischievous smile that I love!

Abigail! Miranda!
For Sam’s sister, Jen, I like Kay Panabaker. I just remember her from Summerland and think she could pull off the bossy big sister act. When she auditions, she’d have to give me major attitude. Not quite Paris Hilton attitude, but close. And speaking of attitude… let Ellen Page (star of Juno) audition while we’re at it. She’s such a rising star!

And for the mom, give me Eva Mendes, or Debra Messing, maybe. I want an actor who looks like she would work for a greeting card company writing birthday verse. And she needs to be quirky and obsessive enough to bake and serve birthday cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just to keep her in the birthday mood. Ha!

OK, director (don’t even ask me who this would be), let’s get this show on the road! ACTION!

Next, Terri Clark, author of Sleepless, dishes on who could play her characters if her book was a movie.
Terri: I always do a character sheet for my books and one of my favorite things to do is troll magazines and the web for pics that best represent my characters. Therefore this is an easy and totally fun question for me to answer.

My heroine, Trinity Michaels, is a teen version of Evanesence's Amy Lee. I love her dark beauty.

My hero, Dan Devlin, is none other than Kyle XY's Matt Dallas. (I adore that show and Matt! Look at those eyes.)

And my uber-creepy villain, Rafe Stevens, is portrayed by Peter Firth's serial killer character in White Angel. (Doesn't he look scary?)

(We agree!)

Tomorrow, more 2k8 authors will dish on who they dream of doing their movie!


M.P. Barker said...

Nancy, I'm with you on not going to nearly enough movies and never being able to remember the actors' names! And almost the only time I watch TV is for Dancing with the Stars. Which is why I copped out on this one--sorry, blog moms! This week I'm sitting back and enjoying what everyone else has to say.

Anonymous said...

And So You Think You Can Dance!
But we're getting off the subject...

Matt Dallas, AKA Kyle xy, IS gorgeous. Maybe he can date Samantha's older sister? I want him in MY movie, too! (with or without a belly button)

Barrie said...

Nancy, looks like this could shape up to be a GREAT movie! And will be playing a cameo role? Could I be in a cafe scene with you? :)

Dumuro said...

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