Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shameless Saturday!


Yay, Nina Nelson and yay, us!

And Another Book Read said this about Nina Nelson’s BRINGING THE BOY HOME:

“I think this was definitely the most unique and original coming-of-age story I have ever read!”

AND this about the CLASS OF 2K8:

“This group of authors seems to be putting out some of the best books this year.”

Thanks Tasha!

Daphne Grab gets some launch-week love:

Check out this review of Daphne Grab’s Alive and Well in Prague New York from Melissa at Mango Firefly says, " Debut author Daphne Grab writes a stunning first novel, full of heart, forgiveness, and the human experience."

More with Daphne Grab as she gets a review and interview from Motherreader:

She says, "Great characters and conflict give the book a subtle power in a short time."

Zu Vincent's grinning from ear to ear with two more great reviews this week!
"...Very well developed characters, vivid vignettes, and a story that grips your heart," says The Potato Vine Blog after reading The Lucky Place by Zu Vincent, calling the novel "a perfect book to review on Father's Day as it is a touching story that invites girls and women to consider their own relationships with their fathers."
Zu Vincent's The Lucky Place, is "...a unique story, one that I have not yet come across in another title, and one that will stay with you after the last page is completed," says Amanda's review at A Patchwork of Books.

Debbie Reed Fischer's Braless in Wonderland

Jennifer Bradbury is shifting into high gear:

Jennifer Bradbury's SHIFT received a rave review from the Christian Science Monitor.


Daphne Grab is in the hot seat at Hip Writer Mama.


Ellen Booraem said...

Congratulations to all! And great interview at HWM, Daphne. Nice to know others get bogged down in the middle of a WIP!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what exciting news for all -- I love this class!

M.P. Barker said...

I'll second those comments on Zu's, Debbie's, and Jennifer's books. I've been playing catch-up on my 2k8 reading over the past two weeks, and have to say all three of these ladies are responsible for my neglecting several hours of work and sleep because I HAD to find out what happened next. Three very different writing styles and stories and all grabbers. Thanks for keeping me spellbound, classmates! Can't wait to see what Daphne and Nina have in store for me.

Karen said...

Congrats to all thesse authors!

We'd love to be added to your "friends" list. We've been sending a lot of love the last few months to Jody Feldman and Sarah Prineas. I'm looking forward to reading more of this class's authors -- I check this website daily! :)