Friday, June 13, 2008

Romance is What Summer is All About!

Attending the Romance Writers of America's National Convention in San Francisco (July 30-August 2nd) will be Terri Clark, Teri Brown, Brooke Taylor, and Regina Scott! All will be participating in the annual “Readers for Life” Literacy Autographing, where over 450 romance-fiction authors will be signing romance books donated by publishers. The signing is open to the public an proceeds of the sales go to literacy charities, so make sure you come by and meet the all the authors!

Regina Scott provides some insight into the Romance Writers of America National Conference held every July:

One of my must-go conferences is the national conference for Romance Writers of America. I’ll be there this year in San Francisco with several other members of the class, including Teri Brown, Terri Clark, and Brooke Taylor. The literacy signing Wednesday afternoon is amazing: over 400 authors packed cheek-to-cheek in a ballroom, madly schmoozing with fans and autographing our books for charity. But my favorite part of the conference is a little-known event called the Beau Monde Soiree. The Beau Monde is the chapter of RWA focused on writing about the Regency period. Wednesday evening after the literacy signing, we gather for period dancing, period card games (and gambling with chocolate coins), exceptional food, and excellent conversation. Many members come in costume. Because it’s a bit difficult to get into the dance moves when everyone dancing is generally female, I decided to come in costume as the “girl dressed like a guy” made famous in romance and historical novels. Thus, Sir Reginald Scott was born. The only problem is that he’s more popular than I am! Now everyone who sees me on Wednesday asks, “So, is Sir Reginald coming tonight?” But at least I get my pick of dance partners, including cool gals like Avon romance author Shirley Karr and Kensington romance author Nonnie St. George.
Isn't Sir Reginald Scott handsome!

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