Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 4: Read My Lips Character Interview

Today we’re talking to Patrice, one of the leaders of an exclusive secret high school sorority and Serena, skate chick extraordinaire and Patrice’s nemesis.

Patrice: Oh, she’s not my nemesis, now. We’re friends. Right, Serena?

Serena: Sure, Patrice. Whatever you say.

Patrice: (Flipping her blond hair back.) Of course, we are. Honestly, I get along with most everyone. If I want to.

Serena: (Snort)

Patrice: What? I do!

2k8: Excuse me? Can we get started on the interview now?

Patrice: Go for it, I’m not stopping you.

2k8: Um, thanks? Serena, what’s it like starting a new school in the middle of high school?

Serena: I guess pretty much the same as is it for everyone. I think being deaf just made it that much harder, cause you know, people are weird.

Patrice: No, we liked you right off.

Serena: (rolling eyes) No. Rachel liked me right off. You didn’t even look at me until you found out how well I can read lips.

Patrice: That is so not true! But you have to admit that is an extraordinary talent.

Serena: It is so true! The minute you found out you had me digging up all the school gossip!

Patrice: (Laughing) Well, it was a lot of fun!

2k8: (Jumping in) Patrice, what else did you like about Serena besides her talent for reading lips?

Patrice: Serena is a G. Other than her questionable taste in guys…

Serena: (Interrupting) Leave Miller out of this!

Patrice: … she’s got a lot of guts. She even took me on and that’s no easy task, trust me.

2k8: So what’s the sorority going to look like next year?

Patrice: Oh, it'll be better than ever! I’m going to…

Serena: Shut up Patrice! Let people read the book!

Patrice: Don’t tell me to shut up!

2k8: And I think that concludes this interview…

Serena: Well, don’t say things you’re not supposed to and I won’t!

Patrice: I never say things I’m not supposed to!

Serena: (Snort)


Brooke Taylor said...

snort indeed! I just love your characters, Teri!

How you kept them in linelong enough to finish their story, I'll never know!

Tasha said...

That was probably the coolest thing ever!! You definitely had me laughing super hard.

N.A. Nelson said...


I love it!

Axa said...

I can't wait to read this book.