Monday, February 18, 2008

Get your game face on!

Somebody has spray-painted our books! The titles are hidden! Our names are missing! But we bet you can still figure out a few things. C'mon, play along!

Here's how this works: Above each cover is a clue and three possible answers. If you're still not sure of the right answer, and want to guess some more, just wait a little bit, and check the comments section below. Class members may add more clues as the day goes on. But if it's instant gratification you're after, hop over to our site to find all the info you need.

When you do come up with the answers, shhhhhh. Don't spoil the fun by posting them. We'll show you the right ones, and the cleaned-up covers, the next day.


#1 This Florida author had less than model behavior during her high school math classes.
a. Marissa Doyle b. Nancy Viau c. Debbie Reed Fischer

#2 This is not a middle-grade novel.
a. Sleepless b. The Possibilities of Sainthood c. Undone

#3 This author has been on a nationally televised game show.
a. Jennifer Bradbury b. Jenny Meyerhoff c. Zu Vincent


Nancy Viau said...

Clue for #3
This book is an adventure story that will "spin" into bookstores this summer.

Barrie said...

Clue for #2
This author knows Philip Pullman!

TJ Brown said...

Clue for #1

This author picked melons on a kibbutz!

The Class of 2k8 said...

clue for #3

There's something mysterious about this story!