Sunday, February 17, 2008

And last, but not least...

Web sites…

may increase sales.
are great places to showcase excerpts.
provide information about worthwhile organizations.
explain a service available (such as proofreading or critiquing).
keep readers informed of future books, upcoming events, etc.
help authors be part of today’s technological world.

Like it or not, they are here to stay!

Jody Feldman puts it this way:
Why do authors need Web sites?
Outside of the fact that readers, today, expect us to have one, and rely on the reality that we will? And we don’t want to disappoint them? And this may be the only place where each of us can control our information? Make sure it’s accurate? And reflects our own voice? Outside of the fact that it’s fun to create your own personal version of the world most interactive business card? There are other reasons, but for now, that enough for me!
~Jody Feldman, Author of The Gollywhopper Games,

And finally, the class would like to leave you with this tongue-in-cheek comment from Nina Nelson that is sure to make you smile:

Web sites keep people guessing!
A friend I hadn’t seen in awhile immediately called me after my website went up to say, “Okay, be honest, what work have you had done?”

To which I replied in a bemused tone, “What are you talking about?”

“Plastic surgery! I’m obsessed with your Web site photo! What have you had done?”

I replied, laughing (but totally honestly), “Nothing.”

“Nuh-uh!" friend says. "Your nose looks awesome in that picture. My mom and I both think you got your nose done. I’ve been telling everyone you did. Really, you didn’t? It looks great.”

So, if you ask me what’s the best part about having a Web site, I’ll say: my nose, because my nose looks good (and I’ve never been happy with my nose)! And because my nose looks good, friends are gossiping wickedly about me behind my back.
N.A. Nelson, Author of Bringing the Boy Home,

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Debbie Reed Fischer said...

It IS an awesome author photo, Nina. But tell the truth. What else did you have done besides your nose?

And the gossip continues . . .

Tee hee

M.P. Barker said...

Nice nose, Nina (I bet the original isn't that bad, though)! Can I hire your photographer to do something about mine? And my chin, and my hair, and....


N.A. Nelson said...

Smoke and mirrors, make-up and lighting...a girl's best friends.


Anonymous said...

I think you have a great nose, and I've seen it in person!

Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny!

Anonymous said...

Websites are a great resource: authors can use them to reveal as much (or as little) about themselves, their books, and their writing process as they want, and readers can connect to them almost instantly, globally, any time of day!