Friday, August 1, 2008

On the Shelf!

Finally! After several months (often times years) our story has finally made it to the book store, where it hopefully won't stay for long! Debut authors (and many non-debut authors) are notorious for eagerly awaiting "spottings" of our books in the wild (aka book store). Proof is captured on cell phone cameras, sent to us from friends across the country as proof that it hasn't all been a dream, our stories really did make it, they really are books now.

"The first time I saw my book on the shelf -- January, 2008 -- was extra-special because it was at All for Kids Books & Music here in Seattle, where I used to work, and where I really fell in love with the YA genre. It was also great because fellow 2k8er Lisa Schroeder's book came out the same day! I got to see my book and a friend's on the shelf together -- that really made me feel like part of a community. The feeling of seeing your work in its all-put-together state is almost indescribable. I still feel in a sort of trippy state about it." Liz Gallagher, author of Opposite of Invisible

Marissa Doyle's Bewitching Season gets prime book store real estate!
Daphne Grab signing Alive and Well in Prague
" The day I went to the book store to see if the book really was on the shelf, I ran into Teri Brown, author of READ MY LIPS and a fellow 2k8er. She had stopped by to see my book, too! What a nice classmate. I got to share in the moment with her and it was so exciting!" Lisa Schroeder, author of I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME.

Spotted! Gollywhopper Games by Jody Feldman
N.A. Nelson say's hello to Bringing the Boy Home

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Book Chic said...

Great entry! I loved reading about authors' first spottings and seeing the pictures.

This has been a really fun and interesting week.