Sunday, November 30, 2008

We're thankful for...

This week, as we recover from Thanksgiving and head into the final month of our debut year, we find that we have a lot of people to thank.

So many people are involved in the making and the selling and the reading of books, and a LOT of those people don't ever get recognized for all they do. But if it weren't for booksellers and festival organizers, bloggers and teachers, librarians and publicists--it would be a LOT harder for authors to find readers, and kids to find books.

This week, because our mamas raised us right, we want to send out thank you notes to some of those special people...

When we asked M.P Barker (author of the genius historical novel, A Difficult Boy) who she wanted to thank this week, she had this to say:

Hmmmm….where to begin?? So many friends who’ve helped plug my book, but I’d say the biggest thank you goes to Lynne Blake, CRM at the Barnes & Noble in Worcester, Mass. She’s the lady who got the ball rolling on what Marissa calls the Class of 2k8 World Domination tour, when Nina, Courtney, Ellen, Marissa and I zipped through three Barnes & Nobles, the Odyssey Bookshop in South Hadley, MA, and had a great writers’ lunch with fellow authors D. Dina Friedman, Jeannine Atkinson, M.W. Penn, Nancy Castaldo, Melissa Stewart, and Cicily Corbett, plus friends and fans.

Lynne had asked me to do a signing back in May, was a great host, and invited me back with fellow 2k8ers in October, then helped me arrange back-to-back events with B&Ns in Holyoke, MA and Enfield, CT. Lynne was fun, friendly, and fantastic! Thanks, Lynne!

So there you have it. Lynne, you go far above and beyond, and we want the world to know. Please accept HUGE thanks from the Class of 2k8. We owe you big!

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