Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Trivia

Below are some fascinating Thanksgiving facts. Memorize them before heading off to your Thanksgiving dinner or before opening your front door to your guests. This trivia is guaranteed to make you look smart, fun and interesting!

1. What do you call a female turkey?
2. What sound does she make?
3. How fast can a turkey run?
4. Which state produces the most turkeys?
5. How many feathers does a mature turkey have?
6. What drink did the puritans bring with them on the Mayflower?
7. What do you call a baby turkey?
8. Which vegetable did the Pilgrims decide not to eat for Thanksgiving because they thought it was poisonous?
9. Why is difficult to sneak up on a turkey?
10. What do you call a turkey under 16 weeks of age? How about if it's five to seven months old?

1. A hen
2. She clucks.
3. 20 mph
4. Minnesota
5. 3,500
6. beer
7. a poult
8. potatoes
9. Turkeys have a wide field of vision (270 degrees) and a great sense of hearing. Not germane to this answer, but interesting nonetheless, turkeys see in color.
10. A fryer, a roaster

What was that you said? You have a question for us. Go ahead. Shoot.

What's the number of calories in the average Thanksgiving dinner?

Are you crazy? You do not even want to know the answer to that question. You definitely don't want to take that kind of information to a Thanksgiving feast. You'll be shunned. You'll be miserable and lonely. You'll only get passed the pickle tray.

Now, off you go. It's time to celebrate. See you Friday.


(And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, HAVE A GREAT DAY!)



TJ Brown said...

great trivia! And it's 4000 calories:)

Emily said...

Haha, I'll be sure to use that info to stump the all-mighty Uncle Rick this year (;

Stacy Nyikos said...

I hear if you celebrate on the other side of the equator all those calories just keep sliding south. Of course, that's no help here, but, maybe if we all hop a flight there right after we eat?? Then again, just pass the pumpkin pie. I'm chalking it up as another delicious life experience guaranteed to stay with me for a loooooooong time :-)

Barrie said...

FOUR THOUSAND calories! I did not need to know that!