Thursday, December 27, 2007

The secret lives of 2k8!

While every member of the Class of 2k8 is a debut children's/YA author, we aren't all *totally* new to the world of publishing. In fact, we've spent hundreds of years (altogther, duh!) scribbling and submitting, and we've published lots and lots of books. From academic textbooks to anthologies, romantic comedies to quiet collections of poetry.

Of particular interest to blog-readers might be this gem, just out from Walker yesterday!

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide

The Ultimate Teen Book Guide is a review guide covering over 700 books for teens. Contributors include award-winning authors such as Nancy Werlin and 2k7's Sara Zarr, best-selling authors Meg Cabot and Christopher Paolini, debut authors (2k8's Debbie Reed Fischer), and many more. Articles and reviews by teachers, librarians, editors and teens make this book a must-have for any book-lover. Whether you like fantasy, horror, chick lit, graphic novels, sci-fi, or crime, there's something for everyone. Readers will also enjoy the top ten lists and surveys. Each rave review comes with suggestions for what to read next, so with more than 1,000 recommended books total, you'll never be without a good book again!

That's right! Our own Debbie Reed Fischer is a contributor! W00T!

How does she find the time? We have *no* idea... but you'd better go check it out!


Jenny Meyerhoff said...

Congratulations, Debbie, et al!
That one sounds like a good way to put all my gift certificates to use.

Little Willow said...

Congrats! I'd love to write / contribute to something like that.

Barrie said...

Very impressive!

Anonymous said...

Cool book! I'll have to get it.

Laurel, you rock the blog!

Debbie Reed Fischer said...

Laurel, I agree with Teri, you do rock the blog. And thanks to all for the supportive comments! It's a very cool directory of teen lit. I'm proud to be a part of it. :)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Oooh, neat! Definitely checking that out! :) Go Debbie!

Heidi R. Kling said...

congrats 2k8!! can't wait to read all your books and cheer you on. =)