Monday, December 31, 2007

Holy (sacred) COW!!!

As we mentioned last week, 2k8 is full of interesting people who've accomplished great things in other (non-kidlit/YA) areas of publishing.

Lots of interesting people! Lots of accomplishments!

But only ONE member of 2k8 has been in the news lately. And when we say "the news" we mean THE NEWS!

Like, interviewed on TV and writing stories for superblogs like Salon and major news outlets like the Boston Globe.

Our own Donna Freitas!

Soooo... why is Donna hot stuff?

Well, in addition to writing wonderful books for kids, Donna just happens to be an academic-- on faculty at Boston University and co-author of the new book Killing the Imposter God: Philip Pullman's Spiritual Imagination in His Dark Materials.

In case you've been living under a very heavy, very large rock, we'll tell you that Pullman recently upset all kinds of people (especially some particularly rigid Catholics) with his (heretical??? and wonderful) books.

When the Pullman insanity began, Donna just happened to be the leading expert on Pullman's iconic/iconoclastic books, and found herself a media darling (though she'll probably blush to see us post this, because in addition to being suddenly FAMOUS she's also humble and sweet as can be).

Over here, Donna actually interviews Pullman himself. Because yes... she's *that* cool.

You HAVE to check it out!


Barrie said...

Wow! She really is THAT cool! Go, Donna!

And...Happy New Year to all!!

Debbie Reed Fischer said...

How fascinating. Two of my favorite topics: religion and controversy. I don't know how Donna juggles the academic writing with the fiction writing. I can't wait to read her book. :)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Donna really is fantastic. How lucky is she?! :)