Friday, December 12, 2008

It's Been Fun, Barrie Summy!

It's already Friday and our last day of launch week for Barrie Summy, debut author of the humorous tween mystery I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES.

But before we give her the big Class of 2k8 send-off into the exciting world of book signings and contracts and new books (well, yes, and kids and homework and colds and sports and piano lessons), we have a few more questions we'd like her to answer.

Question #1: So, Barrie, where do you work?

Well, this is where my family wishes I worked. It's a nice compact desk with doors. I bought the whole kit and kaboodle expressly for writing purposes.

Instead, I work here. Right in the thick of things.

When it gets too chaotic even for me, I escape to this coffee shop with a quiet back room and free wireless.

And when a deadline looms, I've been known to check into a skanky hotel.

And this is where I plotted I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES. Seriously. I swam laps three to four times a week. And there's lots of time of time for thinking when you're swimming back and forth...and back and forth...and back and forth.

Wow. A swimming writer. Very cool. Okay, Barrie, it's the end of the week. And you know that everything you share on this blog, stays on this blog. So, how's about it? What's a question no one would know to ask you?

Well, you already know how much I love licorice, right? So, each year in my Christmas stocking, my husband puts a large package of licorice. He lets me nosh on a small amount, then hides the packages and doles out minuscule portions to me each day.


I know where he hides it.

That is so perfect. Thanks for sharing your launch week with us,Barrie Summy. Now, everyone out there in the blogosphere, don't you want to pick up a copy of I SO DON'T DO MYSTERIES and...

Meet reluctant sleuth Sherry Holmes Baldwin!

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