Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 1: Now and Later

It's nearly November and we're quickly realizing just how soon our debut year will be done. No doubt it's been an exciting time for us. We'd like to take this opportunity to review our greatest accomplishments for 2008 and outline our goals for 2018, when we hope to have one heckuva ten year reunion!


In 2008, my goals were (some of these are from my list of New Year's Resolutions):

1. floss daily

2. finish Book #2

3. exercise 3x a week

4. watch more TV

5. buy cute clothes

6. survive the launch of I So Don't Do Mysteries

What I accomplished from this list:

1. I've been incredibly good about daily flossing, especially now that I've found a brand of floss that I actually like. Visit to the dentist planned for November where I will no doubt be awarded stickers for a cavity-free appointment. Which I so deserve.

2. Book #2, currently titled I So Don't Do Spooky, is done and revised and revised and copyedited. Amazingly, I still like it.

3. I'm pretty good with the exercising, although I did take off a month this summer to go to Toronto and eat some of my favorite foods like ketchup potato chips, butter tarts, Nanaimo bars, Swiss Chalet chicken.

4. I'm watching a little more TV now that I've figured out how to download (is it upload?) shows to my ipod. I watch the shows while treadmilling it at the gym. Currently, I watch The Office and sometimes Grey's Anatomy. Please feel free to give suggestions!!

5. I have failed miserably at this. Except when my friend, L, came with me to buy an outfit for my author's photo.

6. Ask me Dec. 21 (the day after my launch)

By 2018 I hope to:

1. still have my own teeth

2. have written 10 or 20 books

3. still be exercising. I'd like to try a personal trainer (if I find a really nice one who doesn't push too hard).

4. watch a reasonable amount of TV so I know what everyone's talking about

5. enjoy book signings

6. have a fashion sense or have convinced L to shop with me on a regular basis


In 2008, my greatest accomplishments were:

1. Having fun launch parties in CT and MO

2. Speaking at schools, libraries, and bookstores

3. Being able to maintain balance in my life

4. Completing the 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk

5. Having fun working on my second novel

By 2018 I hope to have:

1. Lived in Europe

2. Finished a triathlon

3. Continued to have written books I'm proud of

4. Continued to have balance in my life

5. Climbed another big mountain

What's your now and later?

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