Saturday, September 13, 2008

Shameless Saturday!

Another fabulous week for the class of 2k8 and a ton of reasons to brag!

Brenda Ferber interviews the fabulous Jen Meyerhoff of at her blog! And in a wonderful twist, Jen's critique group tells all here!

Laurel Snyder received a wonderful review from School and Library Journal for Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains...

This fairy tale, set in a time "before television and interstate highways" in the land of Bewilderness, has appealing characters who grow and develop; clear, accessible language; lively dialogue; and a light humorous tone. -Mari Pongkhamsing, St. Perpetua School, Lafayette, CA

Jennifer Bradbury's SHIFT has been named to two top ten lists by the editors of Booklist. In May, it was identified as one of the "Top Ten Crime Fiction for Youth", and this month landed on the "Top Ten Sports Books for Youth" list. You can check it out here, and here!

Shelf Elf calls Daphne Grab's ALIVE AND WELL IN PRAGUE, NEW YORK a "charming and tender book, from beginning to end". Check out the whole review at Shelf Elf's awesome blog.

Shelf Elf has been busy because she gave a huge elfy thumb's up to Barrie Summy's middle grade novel, I So Don't Do Mysteries. Here's a tidbit from Shelf Elf's review:

Straight off, let me say that I hope that Barrie gives us more than two mysteries starring Sherry (Sherlock) Holmes Baldwin. This book was SO much fun. Right at this second, I can think of at least ten grade 6 girls who would gobble it up in a single sitting and then come running back wanting to know how long till the next one. There's a meaty mystery plot with a crazy supernatural twist, a little romance, a lot of laughs and great writing. Got all that? Sorry you need to wait until December to read it.

You can read the whole interview here!

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