Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Group Scoop

"Give a wave" to Kristin O'Donnell Tubb. Read RaeAnn Parker’s fun interview to see what we mean!

Now, back to group marketing. Today, we hear from Elizabeth C. Bunce, author of A Curse Dark As Gold. Elizabeth, being a part of The Class hasn't been a curse, has it?

Of course not! For me, the real value—far beyond publicity or fame or the big bucks (ha, ha)—is in having somebody to share the journey with you, someone you can compare notes with. The publishing industry is so intricate, and authors are often the last people to know what's going on with their books… having people in exactly the same boat as you, to say, "Oh, yes, that happened to me, too," has been invaluably reassuring on this crazy journey!

Regina Scott, author of La Petite Four, adds this:

Everyone in the class has a talent, many that I don't personally have. I'm a total MySpace baby, but Laurel is showing us the way. I never even read blogs until I met Marissa; now we collaborate on one. So, I'm learning personally, and I'm seeing my words go out in ways I could never accomplish alone.

More tomorrow...


courtneywrites said...

It's a pleasure to be in this marketing group with you guys!

Anonymous said...

Waves back to Kristin.

Ellen Booraem said...

Great interview, Kristin. I'm definitely going to SCBWI next time.

And I agree about the joys of togetherness--I wouldn't have had the courage to start a blog or even think about promoting my book if it weren't for 2k8.