Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 3: Now and Later

You've really got to work Now and Later candies hard before you can enjoy the sweet reward. They're a perfect metaphor for our class, which has worked really hard this year and reaped in lots of sweet rewards. Just imagine the things we'll accomplish over the next decade!


In 2008, my greatest writing-related accomplishments were:

1. Made my dream research trip to England
2. Saw my first YA novel La Petite Four published
3. Submitted proposals on request to an adult romance line and a new YA line
4. Met many of my 2k8 sisters in person
5. Actually learned how to blog, do MySpace, and generally have an online presence

By 2018, across my life goals, I hope to have:

1. Landed long-term contracts with two publishers, both of whom love and respect my work and my writing voice
2. Seen both my sons graduate from high school and go on to education and work in fields they love
3. Published many books in both adult and YA, earning a devoted readership that clamors for my unique characters, exciting plots, and dash of humor
4. Not let writing take over my life, so that I enjoyed time with my husband, family, and friends
5. Continued to grow closer to Jesus my Savior.


2008 accomplishments:

1. Published Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains
2. Published Inside the Slidy Diner
3. Actually made more money from my writing than I spent in babysitting!
4. Potty trained successfully! (my son, not me. I've been potty trained for at least a year or two))
5. Wrote my next novel, Any Which Wall!

Hopeful 2018 accomplishments:

1. Manged to avoid a desk job (and/or dress clothes) for a full decade
2. Took an actual vacation to someplace where I don't have family.
3. Healthy! Healthy! Everyone healthy!
4. Actually working out and eating well for the first time ever!5. Spent a month at a writing colony.


2008 accomplishments:

1. First middle grade novel launches
2. Finished my first ya novel
3. Slept
4. Remembered to eat...occasionally
5. Hung with the Classof2k8!!!!!!!!!

Hopeful 2018 accomplishments:

1. I'm still alive
2. I've been to Asia
3. I've written a few more and better books
4. My husband and I survive our children's teenage years
5. My children - who will then be in college - think I'm not half bad

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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