Friday, March 14, 2008

On our last day of our If My Book Were a Movie posts, we’re talking to Debbie Reed Fischer, author of, Braless in Wonderland.

Debbie: Here is my dream cast for Braless In Wonderland, the movie. And keep in mind, I used to work in casting.

Allee, the main character, would be played by Emma Roberts. She has those full lips modeling agents love, and she's a terrific actress. Or possibly Miley Cyrus because Allee has to be funny too, and Miley can pull off comedy. Amanda Bynes I love, but she's too old for the part.

Emma Roberts

Summer, the stunning, blondy-licious model from Georgia would be played by new Australian superrmodel Gemma Ward (she'd just need a dialogue coach - no biggie). If the accent is too big a prob, Dakota Fanning always delivers.

Gemma Ward

Monique, the aging, faded glam agency owner, would be played by Cher, natch. Also, Brigitte Nielsen would have the right combo of scary and chic. Yep, she would if you put her in the right suit. Trust me on this.

Claudette, the sexy, wise and maverick model, would be played by Rihanna.

Allee's parents would be played by Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas.

Zach Ephron would be Allee's gay friend Miguel. Oh, come on, people. This is not a stretch.

Sabrina, Allee's little sister, would be played by Ellen Page. Momma, Allee's tough-yet-maternal booker would be played by Camryn Manheim.

Now that's one movie we want to see! We hope you enjoyed movie week here on the 2k8 blog. Next week, we celebrate the launch of one of our 2k8 classmates Elizabeth Bunce!


Deb Cushman said...

Now that is one award-winning cast! It's about time Cher had another great part in a movie!

Anonymous said...

Now I know I will love this book since you cast Cher as someone in it. Cher is my idol, and if she resembles someone in a book, I will adore the book even more. ;)

And Zac Efron as a gay friend? AWESOME! lol

This is gonna be one awesome book! Can't wait to read it!