Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Day 3: Up Close and Online with Daphene Grab

One of the many awesome things about getting my book published has been discovering the on-line kidlit community. I think a lot of people know about this community before selling their first book but I lack internet savvy and so it was a wonderful surprise for me. My first discovery was the wonderful Fuse#8 , which is the perfect starting point since she is the center of everything kidlit. Her blog lead me to favorites like Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast and Bookshelves of Doom, as well as clueing me in to some great new books.

MySpace lead me to some great YA review blogs, like BookChic, And Another Book Read and the Compulsive Reader. It also lead me to a bunch of author sites. I follow a lot of author blogs now but my favorites are Meg Cabot’s and The Disco Mermaids. I also love blogs of people breaking into the business, like the wonderful Debbi Michiko Florence and Hip Writer Mama.

For years I was embarrassed to be an adult who read kid books. I thought I was the only one and I’d hide the covers of my books when I read on the subway, stuffing my latest YA favorite into my backpack so fast that no one could see that the thirty-something woman across the aisle was reading a book for teens. But now I’m part of this incredible community that loves kid books as much as I do. I know there are thousands of us around the country, reading and loving our teen and MG books. I now display my books with pride, and smile when I see that people are reading over my shoulder. Who wouldn’t want to read over my shoulder when I’m in the middle of BRALESS IN WONDERLAND or the latest Sarah Dessen?!

What I love the most about all these sites is how warm and open people are. This business could be so competitive and mean but instead it’s a group of people bound together by a love of kidlit, who are thrilled to discover another new book by another new author. Which is pretty much a dream come true for this new author!


Tasha said...

Daphne you are the sweetest for mentioning me!!

I do love the kidlit community. Even though I am a teen I know that I will always enjoy YA and MG books, because I honestly feel like they have more to offer. I definitely think more adults should be open to reading YA books instead of thinking they're just for kids.

Brooke Taylor said...

I agree, Tasha! If I read adult fiction, it usually has a coming of age theme or younger characters--like say White Oleander. I've turned many adult onto really great YA fiction (and some onto Gossip Girls as well, LOL)

courtneywrites said...

I'm so proud to be part of the community.

N.A. Nelson said...

I'm also one who reads my MG/YA books proudly in public places. It opens up a lot of businessman on a train saw me reading a book with a very pink cover and asked in all seriousness, "Good book?" I said it was and recommended that he buy it for his daughter. Bet she was surprised when he showed up with that as a gift!

Book Chic said...

Thanks so much for the mention, Daphne!! :) You are awesome.

And I've noticed the exact same thing as you- the kidlit community is just so open and friendly, and it's great to chat with other MG/YA lovers, whether they be readers or authors. I love this community and am so glad to be a part of it.

Also, I used to shy around the fact that I still read YA books. I came very late to them, as I didn't start until I was 18, lol. But now I'm very open about it, and I'll tell people about the books I'm reading without shame. I'll even tell people about my site too.

YA is becoming so much bigger and limitless these days that I do believe that anyone, teen or adult, can pick up at least one YA book (if not more) and identify with it and love it. This genre is one of the best out there, and I'm so proud to be a part of it all.

daphne grab said...

tasha, i love your blog! and i agree with you and brooke that more adults should read ya and mg books- i think that's where the most exciting literature is.

courtney, i feel the same!

nina, i love that you read proudly and give recommendations!

book chic, YOU are the awesome one! and i agree 100% that this is the best genre out there. and your site rocks so i'm glad you proudly tell people about it!

Book Chic said...

Daphne- How about this? We're both awesome. :P hehe. Thanks for the compliment about my site too- it's much appreciated!! :)

TJ Brown said...

Yeah, the kidlit community pretty much rocks!

Vivian said...

Thank you, Daphne! Love your book!

I agree, the kidlit community is incredibly supportive. There's even a kidlit conference coming up soon!

debbierfischer said...

Thank you so much for the mention, Daphne! So true about having that little secret YA reading habit, although now, as Book Chic pointed out, there is no shame in being a kid lit lover! Great post. :)