Monday, May 26, 2008

We're pleased to have you meet Regina Scott

May has been a jam packed month, but we're giddy about having one more debut author. Well, she's sorta a debut author. Regina Scott is actually a best-selling, adult regency author making her YA debut.

Regina always wanted to be an author. She started writing stories for her friends in the third grade. In the eighth grade, she got in trouble for writing a parody of school life, set in a mythical medieval kingdom (hey, she always loved those long dresses too), and lampooning the hottest guy in school. The parody was an instant bestseller, at least at Eisenhower Middle School.

She had to wait a little longer for her next bestseller. After numerous short stories and articles in magazines and trade journals, she got serious about her novel writing and published 17 historical romances for adults, several of which won awards from booksellers and readers. And then her clever agent showed her it would be a lot more fun to write for young adults instead.
Regina and her husband are the parents of two teenage sons. They reside in the Tri-Cities of southeast Washington State and are members of the Church of the Nazarene. Regina is also a decent fencer and owns a historical, fantasy, and science fiction costume collection that takes up over a third of her large closet (remember what we said about long dresses?).

LA PETITE FOUR tells the story of Lady Emily Southwell and her three dearest friends who intend to take Society by storm by hosting the most elegant, elaborate, exclusive ball 1815 London has ever seen. But dashing Lord Robert Townsend insists that Emily honor the engagement their parents spoke of years ago. Has he no sensibilities? No refinement of spirit? No idea he has laid down a challenge Emily has no choice but to accept?

Yet as Emily and her friends come up with ever wilder ways to put Lord Robert in his place, they stumble across secrets better left untold. With the aid of mysterious James Cropper, who seems to be following Lord Robert (or, gasp! Lady Emily?), the girls must determine whether Lord Robert has more up his sleeve than a nicely muscled arm. Otherwise their dreams of a smashing Season just might come crashing down.

Advanced praise for LA PETITE FOUR:

Sophie at "Couture's Fashionable Reads" was kind enough to award La Petite Four a 7 out of 10 in the book's first review. "With clever plot twists, spying, and debonair courtiers, this book will keep you reading to the end!"

Come back tomorrow for an interview with Regina in which she explains the how and the where of her writing process. And take it from us...not many people approach things the way she does.


Anonymous said...

Regina--you are amazing.
And as far as your book...just wait until everybody sees your trailer! Wow!

PJ Hoover said...

Yay, Regina! I'm so excited for you and your book!

Cheryl Bolen said...

Looking forward to reading your latest, Regina. It's a lovely cover --- even if it's not true to period.

Regina Scott said...

Thanks, all! Hi, Cheryl! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, it's a shame the dress on the cover of La Petite Four isn't period. All I can say is "I want it anyway!" :-)

elsiehogarth said...

Regina, congrats on the new book series. I just love the new website and look forward to reading La Petite Four.

Liviania said...

The book looks wonderful - I love the dress on the cover too. (It'd be perfect for a prom.)

Regina Scott said...
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Regina Scott said...

Sorry about deleting the last comment! I saw a typo after I posted, and I hate that!

Hi, Elsie! So glad you dropped by! And hi to Liviania too! Happy reading!

Barrie said...

You're a "decent fencer" AND you've written 17 historicals AND this amazing YA! Wow, Regina!

Marsha Bates said...

Hi Regina!

Wow, thanks for giving the library's appreciated. I can't wait to read your new YA novel. The Regency period has alway been a favorite of mine. Stop by and see me when you have time.

Marsha B-Your friendly YA librarian.

Elena Greene said...
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Elena Greene said...

Hi, Regina! My daughter is asking what age you should be to read this book because she is very interested. We also love long dresses. :)

P.S. I also delete typos. When I see them, that is!

Regina Scott said...

Elena, sorry I didn't see your post sooner! My publisher labeled the book 12 and up, but I think there are some precocious 10-year-olds who would enjoy it too.

See you tomorrow on Risky Regencies!